Dead manatee found near Dog River

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Dead manatee found near Dog River

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Renee Dials
Catherine DuBose
Photojournalist: Jason Caldwell
MOBILE, Ala - An endangered manatee is found dead on the shoreline.
The organization Mobile Manatee has been getting more calls about Manatee sightings. But, the call Saturday morning came too late. The marine mammal was already dead.
"This is the first, only, only one since we started the network that we know has been washed up in this area. That we've been able to confirm is in fact a manatee." she said.
Dr. Ruth Carmichael is the senior Marine Scientist with the Dauphin Island Sea Lab.
The decaying manatee washed ashore just north of the Dog River bridge on Mobile Bay. The Manatee is listed on the government's endangered species list.
"There are roughly three thousand left in the world and most of them are in the peninsula Florida area." she said.
Dr. Carmichael says the Manatee's migrate to the gulf coast region during the summer months. When the weather gets cold they normally move back to southern Florida.
"We had an early cold snap this year, and it possible that the animal just got disoriented or for some reason missed a cue to leave and it might have gotten too cold. I hard to know at this point why it died." she said.

Dr. Carmichael said scientist are able to track the movement of the manatees based on telephone calls when the animals are spotted.
The number to call if you spot one is 866-493-5803.


For more info or to report a sighting see

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