Just visiting curious for some friendly advice.

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Just visiting curious for some friendly advice.

Post  Stuckey on Wed May 27, 2009 9:52 am

Greetings to all. The family and I are coming in from Louisiana to vacation near the Flora-bama area the first week of June and I wanted to pick up on some salt water action while we were there. I was just curious if any of you gents would be kind enough to offer suggestions as to where I might be able to drop a line and catch a few fish with no boat and minimal tackle. If live bait is suggested perhaps you could recommend local bait shop as well. I am just going to catch and release as I do not want to fool with cleaning fish in the condo. I just want to have some fun while I'm down.



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Re: Just visiting curious for some friendly advice.

Post  gulfcoastgamefish on Wed May 27, 2009 12:19 pm

You can catch fish right on the beach, and since it seems like you are not interested in what you catch, just that you catch some fish, get shrimp (live or fresh dead) from the bait stores, Mo Fishin' will be the closest to you at Zeke's, and fish right in the surf. You will also be close to Perdido Pass and will be able to catch lots of different fish there, your best bet being walking out the rock jetties a little way. The only thing I don't know about Perdido Pass right now is what the dredging is doing to the fishing. I guess it could be good or bad, just got to get out there and try.

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Also, thanks for joining the forum and look for a welcome email.

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Surf Fishing last week

Post  Lagoon Lizard on Thu May 28, 2009 2:25 pm

I got back Monday from a week down at the beach...we were just passed the pass. The wind blew like crazy so I did not to get to fish the lagoon much and went to the beach....The waves were rough a couple days and we had to go to 6oz weights to even be able to fish at all.
We had a great time and caught several blue's and my buddy BB caught a 35" red in the surf. I caught a ray that probably weighed 30 -40 pounds....that was a fun fight. We used cut bait..(lady fish we caught) for bait. We had 5 fish break us off...using 25Lb test and steel leaders. We nearly lost one rod...as a fish hit with such force it pulled the sand spike out and the rod was headed into the water.....had to run and grabbed it just in time...lol
Fishing seemed to be better in the evenings....we know of one other guy down the beach that got a nice red and 2 sharks.... late seemed better.... we even fshed until 10:30 a couple nights.
The 2 big reds were caught at night.
Good luck Fishing
Lagoon Lizard

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Re: Just visiting curious for some friendly advice.

Post  Pier#r on Fri May 29, 2009 12:10 am

"No boat and minimal tackle..."

Your best bet would be evenings (right at dusk) under the bridge in the lighted parking lot on the west side of the Alabama Point Bridge.
Jigs and rattling Gotcha lures will catch you ladyfish and bluefish.

IF the Gulf is fairly calm you might even do the same walking the beach just east of the jetty or near the east jetty. The same lures will work. Just about any decent bass tackle will suffice too.

Hope this helps!
Let us know how you do cheers

Slip Cork

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Re: Just visiting curious for some friendly advice.

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