GulfCoastGameFish and The Swede outperform Glup and DaddyGlup

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GulfCoastGameFish and The Swede outperform Glup and DaddyGlup

Post  gulfcoastgamefish on Sat Jul 26, 2008 11:16 am

I took my buddy The Swede out fishing this morning. There wasn't very much action, very little wind, hot. We fished around for close to 2 hours until we finally caught 3 specks (14.5", 15", 17") in about 2 minutes while missing 2 more. Unfortunately for Glup and his Dad they caught only 3 undersize guys (when I say they I am being generous because Glup slept in and let his dad hit the water without him. Papa Glup caught the three undersizers while Baby Glup was brushing his teeth. Glup finally showed up and put the black cloud over their boat. Twisted Evil

Saw something really cool this morning. Saw a alligator eating a catfish with the catfish still flapping his tail trying to get away. afro

Check out the coloring of this speck and the larger spot pattern.


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