GulfCoastGameFish and FloridaBroFish hit Little Lagoon

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GulfCoastGameFish and FloridaBroFish hit Little Lagoon

Post  gulfcoastgamefish on Mon Jul 21, 2008 10:35 am

After an 8 hour drive from the Orlando area that got BroFish in R'dale app 11:00 Thurs night, we didn't hit Mo's Landing until 8:00 am Fri morning. Despite missing the twilight bite, we headed straight to the pass. After some butthead in an 16 ft white and blue tri hull boat fishing by himself cut off our drift by motoring right in front of us and anchoring up, BroFish immediately launched a MirroLure She Dog towards the shore. On the first cast he had a couple of blasts at it. Second cast same thing. Third cast he gave his target a little more time and tricked this 16"er.

Unfortunately, the captain was so concerned with getting a picture he let the boat drift until anchoring on the hole BroFish caught the fish on. No more excitement on the Speck front but the other guys there were wrapping it up when we got there so I guess it was pretty much the end of the bite, but it was fun netting these LY's.

Eventhough we only caught one speck, it was an awesome time to get out on the water with my bro. Wish he could stay longer but hopefully we can get in a couple hours when he comes back for the arrival of GulfCoastGameMinnow. afro

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Re: GulfCoastGameFish and FloridaBroFish hit Little Lagoon

Post  DOA on Mon Jul 28, 2008 12:39 pm

always good times on the wada with family. Cool

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