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Stormin Norman TournyBlue Bullet Brigade(DOAUGLYWOOD)

Post  DOA on Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:16 am

Well we went after da trouts for the tourny and ended up having a bad day. Embarassed Embarassed Only had one good trout out of ten a 5.4 lb that hollywood caught. Our total weight for ten was 19 lbs, we have been catching that in five fish every trip for the last month at least but owell thats the way it goes. Shocked What a Face

We ended up catching some flounder along the way but didnt think we had anything to weigh in, (the weight of best three flounder).
To our surprise we finished second in flounder with 6 lbs even. Hollywood once again caught a flounder with only minutes to spare which put us there.
Guess what the first place team didnt get in the calcutta so we won it. cheers cheers cheers $1193.00 cheers Had to split with someone else because he bought our boat away from us but still not to bad.

Great tourny to fish and look forward to fishing it again next year

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Post  gulfcoastgamefish on Thu Jun 26, 2008 9:14 am

Ya'll have a bad day on the water and still bring home the cheese! Way to Go! cheers cheers afro

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